Capt.Delzin Irani

Master Mariner, DipCarSur, MIIMS

  • Pre Purchase condition inspection of yacht for potential buyers
  • Yacht Sea trials to determine the functionality of its navigational equipment and machinery.
  • Out of water inspection of the yacht to check its underwater areas of the hull
  • Osmosis test on the yacht external body to ensure no water seepage ascertained for future challenges.
  • Providing navigational know-about during sea trials and also determining the top speed of the yacht which it is designed for taking into account the weather aspect.
  • Thorough inspection for yacht owners to ensure the boats are in good condition.
  • Pre-registration inspection of yachts and small boats as approved by NTA.
  • Underwater repair and under water cleaning supervision.

Contact Details:

Tel. : +971 4 4232884 & +971 4 4518060
Fax : +971 4 4232894
E-Mail :

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